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You can customize Voilà’s elements colors in this section. This will allow you to give a unique look to your store. We recommend you leave enough contrast between the text and the background at all times to make sure the content is readable. Here are the colors you can customize:

  1. Titles/Headings color: This will change all the main titles and headings color of the site.
  2. Text/content color: This will change the main text and paragraphs color on the site as well as some input elements.
  3. Buttons color: This is mainly used for the add to cart button on product pages.
  4. Highlight color: This color is only used for some small elements such as the price picker and review stars.
  5. Notifications and badges color: This will change the background color of the “Sale” and “New” product badges and also the notifications that may appear on the pages. Keep in mind that the text inside these notification is white so it must be dark enough to be readable.
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