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Upload your logo

Upload the main logo for the site in the logo field. We recommend uploading a logo that has twice the size of the desired result. This will allow HD screen to display a crisp logo. We also recommend uploading a .PNG image with a transparent background. JPG images do not allow transparent background and may look weird on a colored background or over the full-width hero banner if enabled.

It is also preferable not to leave empty blank space around your logo image, this will make your logo look smaller in the header.

Logo position

Please select where the logo should be placed in the header. By default, it will be displayed to the left before the menu, but you can also center your logo in the middle of the screen.

Left logo

Centered logo

Logo size

We predefined 3 sizes for your logo to make sure it looks good in the header. Pick the one that fits your desired result.

Small (25px height)
Upload an image that has 50px height*
Medium (40px height)
Upload an image that has 80px height*
Large (60px height)
Upload an image that has 120px height*

*We recommend uploading a logo that is 2x the size displayed on the screen for a better result on HD/Retina/4k screens.

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