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Shop the look module

This module will display a list of your shop’s instagram photos with products tagged on top of them using a third party service called SnappptPlease not that the Shop the look features currently doesn’t work in Internet Explorer 11. Snapppt is currently working on IE11 support.

  1. To get started, visit https://www.getsnapppt.com/ and create an account. You will need to connect this account to your instagram page.
  2. Go to your instagram feed, and select a photo you would like to add to your home page. Fill in the options by adding your products on top of the photo.

  3. Click on the share button of this popup window as seen in this image:

  4. Select the style you would like to have for this picture card and copy the embed code at the bottom.

  5. Paste the code in one of the “Snapppt picture card script” fields in the theme editor

You change the title of the section and select between a full width layout (from the left side of the window to the right) or a contained width (same width as the rest of the content).

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