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Banners module

This module will display call to action blocks with a background image, text and a link. It is ideal to promote sales, categories or any content you want to put up front.

You can pick up between multiple layouts and design options. Pick the one that fits your needs the best. The recommended images sizes are displayed below each examples

1 large + 2 smalls

Large banner: 2006px x 1100px
Small banner: 974px x 520px

1 large + 1 small

Large banner: 2006px x 1100px
Small banner: 974px x 1105px

3 equals

Banner: 974px x 1105px

2 mediums + 2 smalls

Medium banner: 974px x 1105px
Small banner: 974px x 520px

4 equals

Banner: 714px x 810px

2 equals

Banner: 1490px x 820px

Please note that if you’re using a layout that only has 2 banners in total, the information added into the Banner 3 and Banner 4 settings won’t be displayed.
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