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Customizing the theme

If you want to create a more unique experience on your website beyond the built-in design options, you can customize your theme to change the design or add new functionalities.

⚠️ Most of these modifications can be done without activating the code editor. When you activate the code editor, you will no longer receive theme updates. Theme updates are very important since they make sure your theme keeps working as it should, update third party services, and add new features.

Activating the code editor is not easily reversible and you will no longer receive theme support. This can result in additional costs to keep your website up-to-date.

Customizing with Custom CSS

CSS allows you to change the appearance of your website so that you can apply your branding, hide elements, change the layouts and much more. You can access the Custom CSS section of your website under Design > Advanced > Custom CSS.

Use case:

  • Changing your colors and typography
  • Adding simple animations
  • Hiding some elements on your website
  • Changing icons
  • Moving some elements around

Customizing with Custom JS

JS or Javascript allows you to add dynamic features to your website. It has endless possibilities and a lot of third party services require JS to implement on your website. You can add custom JS under Settings > Web Extras > Custom JS.

Use case:

  • Integrating a third party service
  • Adding complex animations
  • Dynamically hiding or adding content on your website
  • etc…

Customizing with Google Tag Manager

The theme comes with a Google Tag Manager integration. This tool has a lot of possibilities to customize and track your users. It uses a system of tags that you define on your website based on some triggers. It’s also a great way to unify all your website third party integrations in 1 place (ex: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.).

Use case:

  • Integrating third party services, such as Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, Intercom, Trustpilot, etc.
  • Track click buttons or any user interactions
  • Add Javascript on specific page or interactions
  • Add HTML on your website
  • etc…

Customizing using the code editor (last resort)

If none of the solutions above allowed you to achieve the result you wanted, you may need to activate the theme code editor and modify the core theme. This is a last resort. Doing so will prevent you to receive theme update and theme support. You will then have the ability to modify all the theme’s core code and do anything you want with it.

If you need help customizing your theme, we offer customizing services. Feel free to contact us to see how we can assist.

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