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Split hero banners

The split hero banners module is a great way to direct your visitors to your most popular sections. It displays 2 large banners next to each other in which you can add your own images, contents, and links.

The settings for this are found under Design > Edit theme > Page: Home page > Module – Split hero banners.

Recommended image size

The recommended image size for the banners is 1680px by 1400px.

⚠️ The slideshow is NOT intended to receive images that contain texts. The texts should be added via the theme settings and not directly into the image file. The reason for this is that Images with texts are not good for SEO (Google won’t know the content of the image), it won’t be accessible for users with disabilities, the text will appear very small on mobile screens, the text won’t be translatable and it’s just not a good web practice in general.

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